Nicole’s Books

All stories in various states of production. The Fresh Horizon Series launching soon.

Fresh Horizon Series

Second chance romance with light environmental themes

  • Boardwalk Lights
  • Stars Bright
  • Moonlight Silver
  • Skies Blue

Beatrice Blake Series

Woman’s fiction where a nuero atypical history professor learns to embrace life and love on her terms

  • Beatrice Blake, Novice
  • Beatrice Blake, Student
  • Beatrice Blake, Expert

Raspberry Falls Series

Small town sweet romance stories, loosely connected to the Fresh Horizons Series

  • Sunflowers Golden
  • Thistle Strong
  • Sunshine Mellow

Padovan Royals Series

The heirs to an ancient dynastic Italian family fight for a “normal” life and find true love

  • Honeysuckle Yellow
  • Book 2
  • Book 3