About Nicole

photo of Nicole

I consider my self an accidental author. About ten years ago I woke up with an idea and since it wouldn’t leave me alone, I wrote it down thinking I’d be over it. But the next day more ideas came until, in short order, I’d written a book – Stars Bright. 

That book, now part of the Fresh Horizons Series, has been sent to the editor to get all polished up. Boardwalk Lights, is in the final stages of the publication process. 

In total there are multiple completed manuscripts, not all in the Fresh Horizons Series, that will be released over the next few years. And, more stories are being written. 

What started as an accident is now an intentional pursuit that will result in you being able to escape into a world of fresh & flirty sweet romance stories. 

Have a fabulous day 💜💚💜